How to remove dog urine from artificial grass

How To Use The WEE FREE Sub-Base Soaker To Deodorise Artificial Grass

Simple Step By Step Guide to removing Dog Urine Odour From Fake Turf

There is nothing more upsetting than a garden that stinks of dog urine.

You've spent a fortune on your artificial grass and now you can't enjoy your lawn because of the musty fishy smell and ammonia gas that's wafting off it.

You've tried everything. 

Spent a fortune on Amazon.

Bleached it. Jet washed it. 

Maybe you're even thinking of ripping it up and burning it in a frustrated fit of pique!

Now you're dreading the summer because you know that the warmer weather will make it a million times worse.

You can't invite friends or family for a barbecue as the appalling pong from your AstroTurf will put them off their burgers.   

You can't let the kids play on it as you know it's full of bacteria and bugs. 

We can help you get a cleaner, sweeter smelling lawn this summer. 

Top Dog Turf are the UK's leading experts in removing dog urine odour from artificial grass. 

In this easy to follow step by step tutorial Emma will explain the science of the smell and show you how to remove it.

Don't let the dog wee ruin you summer!

Let us help you to get your lawn looking lovely and smelling smashing!

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Emma Hardern
Emma Hardern
The Top Dog Boss

About the instructor

Hello! I'm Emma, and I'm the owner of Top Dog Turf.

After solving a long standing dog wee problem, one of our customers called me her 'Dog Wee Guardian Angel' and it seems to have stuck!

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How To Use The WEE FREE Enzyme Cleaner
Deep Cleaning Your Artificial Grass With WEE FREE

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